How it all started

It all started with a simple conversation between Sadaf Razak and Mirza L Baig about how women have so much to choose from when it comes to innerwear. Designs, colours, fabrics and fits which allow them to be comfortable, explore and express themselves. However, not so much happening for men in this area.. Why should men settle for vanilla briefs and trunks and not have innerwear which makes them feel good and allow them to express themselves better? And that’s how the idea of launching Rad.Mad.Bad! came about. Gutsy and fashion forward underwear for the evolved Indian male. Underwear that makes a statement, underwear that raises eyebrows and most importantly underwear and feels comfortable and makes the wearer feel great!

The Influencers Of
Our World

The Rad Chads

Rad Chads find normalcy boring and march to the beat of their own drums. These guys are proud of their hairstyles (bald or not), piercings (one or many), and crazy hobbies with bikes and cycles. They take risks and make fashion statements. These are also men who take chances; the ‘guy next door’, with a credible career, choosing to take the risk and take a stand for what he believes is right.

The Mad Hatters

Mad Hatters enjoy experimenting with their work at hand and challenging themselves to be unexpected individuals. Their traits are fluid. They do wacky food-mixing experiments or try building an AI assistant using an Arduino board and a hairdryer. He is the one with the craziest jugaad. He is the actor who experiments by pushing his boundaries of creativity. He may be dressed in the simplest of clothing, but that is just to hide the crazy that’s going on in the mind of this Mad Hatter.

The Bad Boys

Let’s not get too attached to the typical meaning of what “Bad Boys” are. Well, yes, he has the looks to support his charming behaviour but he must not be judged solely by his looks. These guys are men of men because they don’t let the patriarchal meaning of the word define their actions. They are Bad Boys for life.


They are everywhere, they are all of them. Be it an adrenaline junkie who enjoys adventure sports, or a wheeler dealer who finds his own innovative ways to get stuff done, or the quintessential Casanova who doesn’t kiss and tell. Some guys are more RAD than mad and bad while some are Mad, but not so rad and bad. Either way, every guy you know has his RAD.MAD.BAD! on.


RAD.MAD.BAD! is a gutsy, fashion forward men’s innerwear brand that aims to become the go to lifestyle brand for the evolved Indian male. We started with innerwear, the most essential piece of clothing, closest to the skin but we did it differently. We added personality to innerwear! We pride ourselves on our design sensibility and want to expand our product offering to various categories of apparel and wearables in the near future. At RAD.MAD.BAD! we don’t do basics. We do elevated basics. Therefore everything we create will be stylish, edgy and comfortable. We cannot wait to become the most sought after lifestyle brand for all the RAD.MAD.BAD! boys out there.

RAD.MAD.BAD! in a nutshell

Not So Basic Basic is boring, RAD.MAD.BAD! is far from it. We do things differently and create products that stand out, which our customers find, outstanding! Wearable Art Art is fluid, art is subjective and art is the purest form of expression! We bring you art that you can wear, all day, every day! Comfort Fashion over comfort? That’s mostly the case, but not here. While our designs are quirky and we have the most show worthy waist bands there are, we use superior quality fabrics, are fits are snug and all our products come with anti-microbial finish and 4-way stretch to ensure that the RAD.MAD.BASD! boys enjoy their underwear to the fullest!